Steps in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Has your mouth succumbed to dental disease, decay, trauma or infection, and your smile seems beyond repair? You may benefit from a process called full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Nisarg Shah and Dr. Rituja Shah are highly experienced full mouth reconstruction providers practicing in the city of Thane. We welcome you to book a consultation at the clinic to learn more about the step-by-step process.


If you suspect that you need extensive dental work (possibly full mouth reconstruction), the first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nisarg Shah. During this appointment, the two of you will discuss your chief concerns, needs and goals of treatment. What do your ideal results look like? How quickly would you like to see results?

Your dental health history, medical history and any relevant lifestyle factors, such as the medications you take and whether you smoke, will be discussed. You will be asked about any physical issues, fears or anxieties that make dental treatment difficult.

Dr. Shah will also perform a comprehensive oral, head and neck examination to establish the extent of the problems and the correction needed. He will look at the following and make a diagnosis:

  • The condition of your teeth – Are there any cavities, decay, excessive wear, chips/cracks or root canal problems?
  • The condition of your gum (periodontal) tissues – Are there any pockets or other signs of periodontal disease? Is there excessive or insufficient gum tissue?
  • Your bite – Do you have pain when you close your mouth or chew? Is your bite causing abnormal wear or damaging your teeth? Do you have other problems with the way your teeth fit together, your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw muscles?
  • The appearance of your teeth – How do your teeth look in terms of shape, size, color and uniformity? How do your teeth look in relation to the rest of your mouth, gums, lips and face?
At the dentist


In addition to Dr. Shah’s visual exam, he will also take some records of your mouth, including X-rays such as a dental CT scan, photographs and impressions of your teeth.

X-rays and intraoral images are helpful to look at structures of the mouth that aren’t visible to the naked eye. You will also have photographs taken of your teeth and face to serve as the “before” image of your “before and after.”

Based on the results of Dr. Shah’s visual exam and the records and models, he will explain, step-by-step, the best combination of treatments and procedures to help you achieve optimal oral health and a complete set of healthy teeth.  This could involve any of the following:

You can take home a written copy of your proposed treatment plan and spend some time thinking about how you would like to proceed. You should also receive some information about the estimated cost of full mouth reconstruction.


Most full mouth reconstruction treatment plans require multiple phases and office visits. Due to the cost of treatments and the timeline of certain procedures, Dr. Shah may discuss phasing out your treatment plan across multiple months or even a few years. This can be helpful for budgeting purposes or simply spacing out time-consuming dental work.

At some point during your full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Shah will also work with a special laboratory or technician to construct restorations or prosthetics.


When your full mouth reconstruction treatment plan has been completed, you will receive detailed instructions for maintaining your results long-term. Our associate doctors will explain when to return to his office for dental check-ups and exams, and what you can do at home to maintain optimal oral health.


If you have questions about any of the steps of full mouth reconstruction, we encourage you to call or email our practice today.

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