Post Operative Care for Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid dentures in Thane

The fixed hybrid denture is the top tier of care for a patient missing all of the their teeth, and wanting something much more to their natural teeth. This is an implant restoration that is fixed, or screwed into place, and isn’t taken out by the patient. It can only be removed by the doctor if needed at recare appointments. This is a truly amazing restoration that is perfect for someone who does not like the idea of taking a denture in and out of their mouth.

  • A special metal bar/framework is fabricated to screw into implants to increase foundation and stability, and teeth are set on top of the framework to a denture
  • Fixed restorations (screwed-in) gives the most bite force/ability back and can feel the most like natural teeth.
  • Still replaces teeth AND gums that have been lost due to irreversible bone loss.
  • Much less bulk of material needed compared to traditional dentures
  • Requires more implants for support.
  • A small space is left between the restoration and the gums to allow for cleaning – it is very important to have great oral hygiene as this is harder to clean than a denture you take out.
  • Implants stabilize bone loss and take the pressures of the dentures off the gums.

How to take care of your Hybrid Denture?

Taking proper care of your denture is important in maintaining good oral health and ensuring the longevity of your restoration and the implants supporting it.

Just like your natural teeth, your denture requires proper daily cleaning to maintain optimal health.

Hybrid dentures can be brushed with a non-abrasive denture toothpaste and should be brushed twice a day. Using short, back-and-forth strokes, gently brush the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of the denture teeth, as well as the pink acrylic portions of the denture that are able to be reached.

Caring for your denture can be challenging because of the need to not only brush and floss around it but to also care for tissue underneath it to eliminate plaque buildup that can inflame the gums and damage the implants.

The harder-to-reach area between the denture and the natural gums also needs regular cleaning to eliminate remaining food particles and plaque that harbour harmful bacteria.

An interdental brush, or an electric water flosser can be used. Cleaning this area is vital to maintaining healthy gum tissue and keeping your implants free of infection-causing bacteria.

Proper regular cleaning of your denture and surrounding gum tissues will keep your denture in optimal condition, and help prevent bacterial buildup that can potentially lead to implant-related gum disease, and ultimately even loss of your dental implants.


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