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Manoj Ganjawalla
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I needed to find a experienced dentist for my 2 Dental implants. As it is a major intervention, i was anxious (a lil scared too) and hence I had taken a lot of efforts to evaluate various (6) dentists in Thane area in terms of Knowledge / Experience, Hygiene, Waiting Period, Clinic-Infrastructure-Facilities. Dr Nisarg Shahs Dental Clinic stood out prominently in my list. I had a total of only 4-5 sittings for my 2 implants starting from 5th Oct to 9th April. In all the sittings I experienced (a) Minimal / Zero Pain (b) barely 3 min waiting period (c) Clear Communication of what to expect and post clinic precautions (d) Minimal post clinic tablets (e) Staff was efficient (f) reasonable costs. I have recommended Dr Nisarg Shah's contact details to my colleague as well for his similar treatment.
Amogh Yagnik
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I had to get an implant due to a failed root canal from another doctor. Dr. Nisarg Shah was extremely professional and handled this problem thoroughly all the way up to the follow-up. Highly proficient yet down-to-earth, he explained the situation and my options very well. Also, the staff quite friendly and welcoming. Would strongly recommend.

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